The MacLean Clan will be hosting the 2022 Midwest Gathering of the Clans at the 53nd Anniversary of the Alma Highland Festival and Games. Each year the clans participate in the opening ceremony with a parade of tartans, then retreat to the Clan area to enjoy the remainder of the Festival. Back by popular demand, there will be a commemorative passport given to all children attending the Festival and we ask Clans to kindly participate with this activity by being a special place of interest of the Festival.

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Clan MacCallum/Malcom Society

Clan MacCallum-Malcolm Society

Clan MacCallum/Malcom Society


The Clan

Clan MacCallum-Malcolm Society


Clan Motto: In Ardua Tendit (He Attempts Difficult Things)


Gaelic Name: Mhic Chaluim


Clan Plant Badge: Rowan Berries


Clan Chief: Robin Neill Lochnell Malcolm, 19th Laird of Poltalloch and Hereditary Chief of Clan MacCallum/Malcolm


Castle Name and Location: Duntrune Castle is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland and guards the entrance to Loch Crinan in the parish of Kilmartin on the west coast of Scotland




The names MacCallum and Malcolm derive from the Gaelic name of Saint Columba of the Celtic Church, who brought Christianity to Scotland in 563 A.D.  Both names mean “servant or devotee of Colm (Saint Columba)”.  The earliest reference to the MacCallum name was in 1414 when Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochow granted lands in Craignish and on the banks of Loch Achiv to Reginald MacCallum of Corbarronz.  The lands of Poltalloch were granted to Maol Caluilh in 1510.  In 1779, Dugald MacCallum of Poltalloch became the Chief and Laird of the Poltalloch lands.  He changed the family surname to Malcolm and since that time his descendants have continued to use that name.  Colonel Edward Malcolm (1837-1930), the 16th Laird of Poltalloch, is credited with founding the breed of the West Highland White Terrier, also known as the Westie.

Andrew B. MacCallum founded the Clan MacCallum-Malcolm Society of North America, Inc. in 1971 upon encouragement from our late Chief, Lt. Col. George Ian Malcolm of Poltalloch, Deputy Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace and father of our present Chief.  Membership is open to all persons and organizations who have a genuine interest in Clan MacCallum-Malcolm and will seek to uphold Scottish tradition and MacCallum-Malcolm heritage.

2018 Best Clan

John Thompson and Bill & Joy Thompson

Clan MacTavish

2018 Best Clan Award Recipient

                       John Thompson and Bill & Joy Thompson


            Clan MacTacivsh, having roots that trace back to the early royal families of Donegal, Ireland and the Dalriadic settlements in the Pictish world that would be known as the Coastal Highlands of Western Scotland. It is recorded as a Clan of great antiquity with charter lands of Dunardy from the 9th century in both North and South Knapdale.


               The Clan having been dormant since near the end of the Seventeenth Century was brought out of a 200 year dormancy through the matriculation of the late Chief Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry in 1997 by the Court of Lord Lyon. His son, the 27th Hereditary Chief, Chief Steven Edward Dugald MacTavish, succeeded Chief Dugald.


               It is the mission of Clan MacTavish to foster our Scottish and MacTavish heritage and take our place as an active member of the Scottish community.

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