The MacPherson Clan will be hosting the 2018 Midwest Gathering of the Clans at the 51st Anniversary of the Alma Highland Festival and Games. Each year the clans participate in the opening ceremony with a parade of tartans, then retreat to the Clan area to enjoy the remainder of the Festival. Back by popular demand, there will be a commemorative passport given to all children attending the Festival and we ask Clans to kindly participate with this activity by being a special place of interest of the Festival.

2018 Clans (as of March 2018)

Kennedy - Annual General Membership Meeting
MacAlpine - Saturday Only
MacKinnon - Saturday Only
MacLachlan - Saturday Only

2017 Best Clan

Best Clan Award 010

Clan Gunn

2017 Best Clan Award Recipient
Alma Setup 001

From Gregory Gunn - Commissioner for Clan Gunn USA:

What an honor it was to win Best Clan Tent for the 50th anniversary of this great event. I used to attend various Highland Games along with my wife and kid wearing my Clan Gunn shirt, not knowing much about my ancestry. People used to chase me down and ask, "Where is Clan Gunn?" My cousin had written a book about our ancestors and it was revealed that Clan Gunn was one of the Oldest Clans in Scotland and that I came from Norse Viking, Picts ancestry that settled in the North Eastern Highlands of Scotland, thus our Motto, Aut Pax Aut Bellum - Either Peace or War. One thing lead to another and eventually I was asked to take over as a Commissioner. It didn't stop there. Another area was left abandoned for almost 15 years. This was added to my territory and now I represent Clan Gunn in 5 states. Representing a Clan is truly a Calling and is so rewarding. The Highland Games or Scottish Festivals are not a fair, but a wonderful opportunity to share and research the Riches of Scotland and its History. It's wonderful to see someone's eyes light up or shed tears when they find their Clan. What a joy it is to fellowship with other Clans and share the Passion.

Gregory Gunn
Clan Gunn
Boone Country and Great Lakes Region

Kim Hagerty

Event Coordinator