Alma Queen of Scots

Each year the Festival crowns a Queen of Scots, two Court members, and a Wee Queen of Scots through a process that includes an application, interview by local personnel, and a pageant that is more focused on how each young lady holds herself in front of others and is able to speak publicly. The 2018 pageant is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2018. Applications will be made available in February pre-pageant.

In order to participate, Queen candidates must be a Gratiot County resident or attend school in Gratiot County and be between 17-20 years of age by time of pageant. Wee Queen candidates must also be a Gratiot County resident or attend school in Gratiot County and be between 8-11 years of age by time of pageant to participate.

2017 Results


Emily Reeves

2017 Queen of Scots


Emily Reeves is 19 years old and from Ithaca, Michigan. Her parents are Byron and Terri Reeves. She graduated as a Senior Scholar from Ithaca High School in 2016, and is currently attending Central Michigan University as part of their Honors Program majoring in Social Studies and History and minoring in English. Reeves plans on teaching at the Secondary Level and hopes to eventually receive her Master’s in Educational Leadership. She is currently a member of the Organization of Women Leaders and avidly volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters. For the 2016-2017 school year, she has also served as the Executive Vice-President for the State Executive Council for the Michigan Association of Business Professionals of America. During high school Reeves was Student Council President, a captain of the Varsity Pompon team, a section leader in the Marching Band, and a member of Business Professionals of America for four years. She was also a captain of the Model United Nations team and the Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper for three years. Additionally, she was a member of the National Honor Society for two years. Reeves considers it both an honor and a pleasure to represent her clan, the MacGregors, and the Alma Highland Festival and Games as the 2017 Queen of Scots during the 50th Anniversary of the Festival.


Vivian Jo Wickes

2017 Wee Queen of Scots


Vivian Jo Wickes is 10 years old and is in the 4th grade at Pine River Elementary School here in Alma, Michigan.  She is the daughter of Wes and Molly Wickes and the oldest sister to Bode and Abe Wickes.  For the past five years Vivi has loved ice skating with the Mt. Pleasant Figure Skating Club.  She also participates in Summer Youth Workshop at the Alma Strand Theater and was recently cast to be a part of the chorus in the May musical production of Beauty and the Beast.  Vivian also enjoys being a part of the Mid Michigan Girls on the Run program, and the Kid’s Life dance team at her church.   Becoming the 2017 Wee Queen of Scots is a dream come true for Vivian. This Festival is ingrained in her family’s tradition, as every Memorial Day weekend she looks forward to attending all of the Festival activities from the Fun Run to the Closing Ceremonies.  Becoming the Wee Queen is particularly special for Vivi this year, as her dad will serve as the Festival President. Vivian considers it a great honor to be a representative, along with the Queen of Scots and her Court, for this year’s 50th Highland Festival and Games.


Mariah Castillo - 1st Runner-Up | Emily Reeves - 2016 Queen of Scots
Vivian Wickes - 2016 Wee Queen of Scots | Emily Eggenberger - 2nd Runner-Up

From left to right

Past Queens


Abbie Richardson

2016 Queen of Scots

Carlee Fall

2016 Wee Queen of Scots
2015 queen

Breezy Allen

2015 Queen of Scots
2015 wee Queen

Jazmyne Cushman

2015 Wee Queen of Scots
1 – Queen Natalie

Natalie Walsh

2014 Queen of Scots
2 – Wee Queen Jaina

Jaina Barden

2014 Wee Queen of Scots
2013 Queen Aundria Fell

Aundria Fell

2013 Queen of Scots
2013 Lizzie Barden

Elizabeth Barden

2013 Wee Queen of Scots
2012 Hunter Gibbs

Hunter Gibbs

2012 Queen of Scots
2012 Wee Dalanie Mott

Delanie Mott

2012 Wee Queen of Scots
2011 Kristin Hammond

Kristin Hammond

2011 Queen of Scots
2010 Jaycee Cole

Jaycee Cole

2010 Queen of Scots
2009 Katelyn Hammond

Katelyn Hammond

2009 Queen of Scots
2008 Chelsea Holmes

Chelsea Holmes

2008 Queen of Scots
2007 Sara Hirschman

Sara Hirschman

2007 Queen of Scots
2006 Andi Reeves

Andi Reeves

2006 Queen of Scots
2005 Hannah Faustmann

Hannah Faustmann

2005 Queen of Scots
2004 Bethany Kay Doran

Bethany Kay Dorman

2004 Queen of Scots
2003 Kristen Ann Riemersma

Kristen Ann Reimersma

2003 Queen of Scots
2002 Bree Erin Brownlee

Bree Erin Brownlee

2002 Queen of Scots
2001 Melissa Couturier

Melissa Couturier

2001 Queen of Scots
2000 Eryn Hart

Eryn Hart

2000 Queen of Scots
1999 Mary Joy Chambers

Mary Joy Chambers

1999 Queen of Scots
1998 Lindsay Kay Wight

Lindsay Kay Wight

1998 Queen of Scots
1997 Maresha Mead

Maresha Mead

1997 Queen of Scots
1996 Hallie Bard

Hallie Bard

1996 Queen of Scots
1995 Meredith Herbst

Meredith Herbst

1995 Queen of Scots
1994 Jodi Bartholomew

Jody Bartholomew

1994 Queen of Scots
1993 Elizabeth Piorkowski

Elizabeth Piorkowski

1993 Queen of Scots
1992 M. Sally Wilhelm

M. Sally Wilhelm

1992 Queen of Scots
1991 Catherine Tloczynski

Catherine Tloczynski

1991 Queen of Scots
1990 Jennifer Lynn McCormick

Jennifer Lynn McCormick

1990 Queen of Scots
1989 Susan Johnston

Susan Johnston

1989 Queen of Scots
1988 Bobbie Jo Winn

Bobbie Jo Winn

1988 Queen of Scots
1987 Camille Valliere

Camille Valliere

1987 Queen of Scots
1986 Deana Ann Deitrich

Deana Ann Deitrich

1986 Queen of Scots
1985 Susan Stark

Susan Stark

1985 Queen of Scots
1984 Christi Sue Underwood

Christi Sue Underwood

1984 Queen of Scots
1983 Lisa Anne Tomei

Lisa Anne Tomei

1983 Queen of Scots
1982 Terri Jo Greer

Terri Jo Greer

1982 Queen of Scots
1981 Angie Stewart-Kimball

Angie Stewart-Kimball

1981 Queen of Scots
1980 Tina Freeman

Tina Freeman

1980 Queen of Scots
1979 Dierdre Corbett

Deirdre Corbett

1979 Queen of Scots
1978 Laurel McMaster

Laurel McMaster

1978 Queen of Scots
1977 Wendy Louisell

Wendy Louisell

1977 Queen of Scots
1976 Karen Magnuson

Karen Magnuson

1976 Wee Queen of Scots
1975 Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl Chapman

1975 Wee Queen of Scots
1974 Debi Boyer

Debi Boyer

1974 Queen of Scots

Barbara MacPhail

1973 Queen of Scots
1972 Denise Bickel

Denise Bickel

1972 Queen of Scots