Heavyweight Athletics

Athletes compete in seven events, beginning with the professional competition on Saturday morning. The amateur competition is held on Sunday.

TheĀ open stone appears very similar to the shot put of modern track and field. A 42 or 56 pound weight is thrown for distance at the heavyweight event and a 28 pound weight is thrown at the lightweight event.

The Scottish hammer uses a 22 pound metal sphere attached to a flexible handle and is thrown for distance.

The 20-25 pound sheaves are tossed over a crossbar.

TheĀ caber toss is a crowd favorite. A caber is between 17 and 21 feet in length and over 100 pounds. This event is thrown for accuracy, not distance.

All events take place on the north end of the festival grounds. If you would like to compete please fill out an entry form to the right.

Applications for Athletics are made available each year online and to previous entries. Once the roster is set, the application is no longer available. We welcome all entries for consideration until our field is filled!

Good luck to all of our competitors!